KPC - Control Room

Project Info:

Area: 120 Sq. Metres
Scope of Work: Design
Duration: 2 Weeks
Type: Design Consultancy
Value in Kuwaiti Dinars: Confidential

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) was formed in January 1980 as a state-owned oil Corporation. The shares of its subsidiaries namely, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Petrochemicals Industry Company and Kuwait Oil Tanker Company were transferred to the new Corporation. KPC successfully took all the oil companies under its umbrella and formed one integrated oil industry in Kuwait. The new structure allowed central planning of the industry, more effective and efficient distribution of work, close coordination between various bodies, in addition to the better use of engineering economies of scale that are crucial to a thriving oil industry. We were asked to design the Control Room, located in the basement of KPC corporate office in Shuwaikh by the Securities Department. KPC is one of the few buildings in Kuwait with tight security and we reckon this as a great opportunity. As it's a tiring job for the Security Officers, we tried to make their office as cozy and inviting as possible.

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