Daral Solar Solutions - Commercial

Daral Solar Solutions provide comprehensive solutions for small and large-scale solar projects all around Kuwait.

Complete Solar Solutions

Building on expertise gained over four decades, DSS leads the solar industry in developing clean, reliable solar power solutions that consistently exceed the expectations of customers and partners. With a long history of successful solar power development projects and satisfied customers worldwide, the DSS Projects & Solutions team is ideally equipped to turn your clean energy vision into a reality.

From small-scale solar projects that power a single building to large-scale solutions that deliver energy to a community, we have the experience and background to develop durable, proven solutions that operate dependably—even in harsh and demanding environments.

Invest in your organization’s future and become part of the renewable energy movement that is transforming the world. Join us in helping build businesses and communities powered sustainably by clean energy from the sun.

Technical Solutions

From introducing and recommending products through cooperation proposals, preparation of transaction documents, logistics assistance, and on-site service response, DSS provides full service from pre-sales through after-sales needs. We promise to provide professional and efficient response to all customer requests.

Ordinary Solar Module Services Include

  • Solar business consultation
  • Industry and company news subscription
  • Product and service portfolio information and recommendations
  • Cooperation proposal development
  • Transaction assistance and status updates
  • Logistics status tracking
  • Installation technical assistance
  • Warranty and insurance registration
  • After-sales needs
  • Other needed services

Commercial Solar Development & Intergration

Our Development and Integration process first begins by understanding you, our Customer. Our process is to save you money and not just to sell your business a solar system. After you provide us with 12 months of your energy bills, a comprehensive site survey is completed. Detailed Energy Analysis is done, weighing in the factors and information you provided to us about your business’s needs. Solar production is compared to your energy usage in 15 minute data points 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many hours of detailed analysis is done for each and every Customer proposal to ensure complete accuracy, and that the best options are presented to you.

DSS Solar has detailed, data-supported answers to your questions:

• How much energy (kWh and kW) are you using?
• What seasons and times of day are you using the most energy?
• What is the cost of your current utility-provided energy, and how will that cost change in 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30 years?
• How much solar energy can your facility and land accommodate?
• What will it cost to produce the energy you need to maximize your energy bill offset?
• Can I offset just my Peak Power?
• Can I sell excess energy back into the grid?
• How much will my energy bill be after solar?
• What “solar friendly” rate options are available to me?
• Will my demand charges go down or up?
• What is the warranty solar panels and inverters and what happens if the manufacturer goes insolvent?
• Will my roof have penetrations in it to accommodate the solar and if so will it void the warranty?
• How long will the utility company allow me to Net Energy Meter?
• Will I have back up power if the grid goes out?
• Will my roof handle the weight of the solar panels?
• How frequent will I need to wash the panels?
• How can I make more money with my solar system?
• What if I change my energy usage pattern after solar, how will that effect my savings?
• Can I increase the system size at a later date?

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