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Solar makes business, engineering and environmental sense. In order to meet rising domestic demand and free up oil for export, Kuwait is increasing investment in solar energy, providing opportunities for technology and service providers. It’s the most abundant and readily available form of energy in the world. Just one hour’s worth of sunlight beaming to earth could power all of humanity for a year, yet half the world still struggles to find reliable sources of energy. We believe that energy is a right and that the future is solar. We’re focused on delivering this dream today. Over the decades, we’ve earned a reputation for leading innovation that moves solar technologies forward and increases their relevance. Seamless integration with current manufacturing platforms is a natural evolution that’s creating easier access to lower-cost products. We are bringing power to those who need it, where they live and work. Solar PV can be installed on any rooftop that has good availability to the sun with limited shading. In general, rooftop solar PV plants can be installed with little or no modification to your existing roof structure. It is easy to install and depending on the size of your installation can be installed in as little as one day. Life Energy is ready to install rooftop solar PV on residential homes, schools, universities, warehouses, gas stations, stables and farm buildings, office towers, government buildings, shopping malls, embassies, military bases, mosques and many more locations. Carpark structures are also excellent locations for solar PV installations. Not only do you achieve energy generation so your business becomes more energy independent, you have the added benefit of offering your customers and staff shaded parking, which in turn attracts more customers to your business.

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